Blueprints Capital Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions about the Blueprints Capital Campaign

Cornerstone is growing! Praise God. This has occurred across all, students, and adults. We are constantly strapped for space. Kids and Student Ministries must happen on separate nights because they currently share the same ministry space. By providing new space for our student ministry, we make it possible for kids and students to have their own dedicated spaces. This means they will be able to meet on the same night. We also need to expand office space in line with the growth of staff, as well as additional spaces for adult ministries.

The plans are focused on 3 areas...

  1. Updating the exterior and interior of the Blue Building. We need to address not only the functionality of the Blue Building, but also its exterior, as it presents Cornerstone's face to the community. The goal is to present more of an open door to the community.
  2. Adding a new Student Ministries area off the northside of our building
  3. Adding additional spaces for Offices and adult ministries

Campaign Timeline

  • Continued Prayer Focus
  • Campaign Sermon Series in March
  • Blueprint Sunday April 7th

Building Timeline

  • Capital Campaign Spring 2024
  • Design/Development Summer 2024
  • Breaking Ground Late Fall 2024
  • Grand Opening Fall 2025

Our current project cost is $3.6 million and so our goal in the Campaign is to see God's people respond so that the project can be completed with minimal borrowing . We are open to borrowing within our means to fulfill the project goals. Incurring less debt, however, means more future opportunities for ministry in other areas. Because of fluctuations in market conditions and interest rates, exact details of things such as maximum loan capacity will be determined at a time closer to when the project begins.

The church paid off its previous mortgage in 2021 and is currently debt free. Our expectation is that donations through the Blueprints campaign will provide a significant amount (or perhaps all) of the funding to be used to launch the project.

Yes! We encourage you to check with your employer or others who may support our mission to see if they have a matching funds program or something similar. Many companies offer programs like this. Let us know how we can help.

There are legal channels to properly give stocks, bonds, securities and other tangible property toward the campaign. If you and your financial advisor determine that this is the best option for donation, please contact our church bookkeeper to obtain the necessary paperwork and policy documentation.

If possible, yes. Submitting your intended financial commitment helps our board in the planning process when trying to determine what kind of donations are expected.

Depending on the results of the Campaign, if needed, the Elders will then evaluate with input from the Building Team to determine the best way to proceed with the Building Project. Some aspects of the project may be completed, or the project may be delayed. The elders will ensure open communication with the congregation throughout the process.

Your commitment will be known by our church Treasurer and Bookkeeper. This is basically the same as how your regular offerings are handled.

The commitment you make to the Campaign will be between you and God, trusting Him to enable you to give. If for whatever reason you are unable to meet your commitment, that too will be between you and God. No one will come knocking on your door.


Campaign Brochure Booklet

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