Our Mission

The Cornerstone mission is to be a biblical community that...

Loves God
Grows People
Serves Our City
Reaches The World

We are in process in all these areas and expect to see God grow us in these ways over the next 5 to 7 years! Seeing God realize this vision through us would mean:

Everyone Worshiping

Deut 6:5; Matt 22:37–38

Personally (Rom 12:1–2)
Every Cornerstone attender worshiping personally through consistent Bible study and prayer

Contextually (Prov 22:6)
Worship and learning experiences for children, students, and multi-generational communities that are theologically rich and practically engaging

Corporately (Heb 10:24–25)
Sunday morning worship services that are vibrant, growing, celebratory, theologically rich, and biblically sound

Everyone Engaging

Matt 22:39; Eph 2:19–21; 4:15

Authentic Community (John 13:34–35)
Growth Groups and other small communities engaging men, women, students, and children in shared life experience and growing together in the knowledge of and application of Scripture

One-on-One Discipleship (2 Tim 2:2)
Christ-followers regularly investing individually in other Christ-followers (or seekers)

Leadership Development (Eph 4:11–13)
Intentional training opportunities for spiritual formation, theology, and leadership that matches gifts and skills with opportunity

Care Ministry (Matt 25:40)
Pastoral and layperson support for those in spiritual, financial, physical, and relational crisis in our community

Everyone Serving

Jer 29; Acts 1:8a

Sacrificial Service (Mark 10:43–45)
People serving inside and outside the walls of Cornerstone, so much so that our community knows us as an *essential* part of what makes Marshfield a great place to live

Inviting to Community (Acts 2:47)
New believers making up a significant percentage of our church growth with people represented from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds present in our community

Extending Hospitality (Lev 19:33–34)
Cornerstone people with vision for their homes to be gathering places for people to experience the love of Jesus

Everyone Sharing

Matt 28:18–20; Acts 1:8b

Participating in Missions (Matt 5:14–16)
High emphasis and practice of personal and relational evangelism

Supporting Missions (Phil 4:14)
Personal connection and financial support of missions partners locally and around the world

Sending Missionaries (Acts 13:1–3)
Everyone Cornerstone attender seeing themselves a "sent one" in our community. Cornerstone also regularly sending short-term and long-term missionaries into the world