Kids Ministry Director Candidate

June 16 - Candidate Sunday

Thank you for praying for our Kids Ministry Director search process. After many months of prayer and with the help of our search team, including Pastor Matt, Pastor Andy, John Franseen, and Mindy Gardner, we are pleased to tell you that we have a candidate to be Cornerstone's next Kids Ministry Director! 

But before making introductions, it will be helpful to provide a little background. The longer we engaged in a national search, the more we wondered if the Lord would provide someone more local to join our team. Additionally, as we consulted with varying ministries, a staffing model for kids' ministry captured our imagination. Rather than hiring a single individual to perform all the necessary tasks, many churches have experienced great success in using several part-time staff members in a team format to be even more effective.

This model dedicates more hours to the ministry than a single, full-time, salaried individual. Additionally, it allows the ministry to align job descriptions more specifically to individual gifting, allowing those serving to thrive in their "sweet" spots.

With that in mind, we've identified a candidate to be our part-time Kids Ministry Director. Her name is Emily Sternitzky. She lives here in Marshfield with her husband, Nick, and their four young children. Emily's role will be to give overall leadership to the Kids Ministry, both to staff and volunteers, and she'll be involved in the week-to-week details, including regular teaching and coordination. She will report to Pastor Matt, who will continue as our Pastor for Youth and Families.

Serving with Emily will be three part-time program coordinators. Connie Jennings is already on staff and she will continue as our program coordinator for nursery and toddlers. Connie will also add responsibilities as an admin to Kids Ministry. Additionally, Anne Warren, who is also already on staff, will continue in her role as the Admin to the Senior Pastor, but will also take on staff responsibilities as a program coordinator with an emphasis on midweek. Finally, Natalie Ruttger, who currently serves as a volunteer in our worship minsitry, will join as a program coordinator with an emphasis in kids worship and curriculum. 

We're excited about who the Lord has provided to fill these important roles, and we're trusting God to use each of them to continue the disciple-making culture that's been established in our Kids Ministry and carried on by our wonderful staff and volunteers! 

Feel free to approach any one of these individuals over the next several weeks to get to know them and to ask questions. (Emily and her family plan to be around.) Pastors Andy and Matt are also great resources. 

June 16th will mark the last step of the candidacy as we invite Emily to teach in Dig In, Natalie to lead worship, and the team to be a part of an open house between services. Stay tuned for more details. 

Enjoy getting to know these wonderful folks if you haven't yet. Stay tuned for more information. And let's continue to pray for God's direction and confirmation as we seek his best for our kids and families! 



Emily, along with Connie Jennings, Anne Warren, and Natalie Ruttger, will be introduced on June 16 as the candidates to staff our kids ministry. There will be an open house between services and Emily will teach in Dig In. 


Meet Our Kids Ministry Team Candidates