Leadership Cornerstone Class & Informational Meeting

Class Starts September 16

Andy Kvernen and Bruce Naugle talk about Leadership Cornerstone.


Part of the Cornerstone Vision is to Grow People, and this includes growing leaders. With that in mind, we've created a wonderful opportunity for all adults to grow in their Christian leadership. It's called Leadership Cornerstone, and it consists of four 6-week studies designed to equip you as a leader in the following areas:

  • Our Story… What we believe and why it makes a difference. An emphasis on doctrine.
  • Your Story…Grasping your identity in Christ and the healthy habits needed to help you grow.
  • God’s Story… Becoming a life-long student of Scripture. How the Bible is put together and how to rightly interpret what it says.
  • Their Story…The art of effective Christian leadership. Becoming an influencer for God’s glory in the lives of others.

To help you decide if Leadership Cornerstone is right for you, please attend a one-hour information session on Sunday, September 12 at 10:30am in Room 211.

To join the class, please register below.