Current Message Series: "Priorities First"

It’s 520 BC, and the nation of Judah has just been through the darkest period in its history since its enslavement in Egypt over 700 years earlier. The exile to Babylon was both humiliating and decimating for the people of the Promised Land. But as the newly appointed king of Persia sends a remnant back to the Holy Land with instructions and resources to rebuild the temple, things are looking up. However, repeated setbacks have kept morale low and apathy high. Finally, however, after hearing no prophetic word for almost 70 years, along comes the prophet Haggai with a word from the Lord for the people of promise. His challenge? Revisit your priorities and watch God work!

As we listen in on this colorfully compelling dialogue between God and His people, we’ll discover what it means to walk in the priorities of God, and in so doing, we’ll also discover His promise.